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Christian Academy (K-5)


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The vision of LCA is to foster and provide a Christian faith community of learners through an intentional spiritually nurturing environment.  Students will be able to exemplify our vision by demonstrating high academic achievement and spiritual growth and development of a living Christian faith in Jesus Christ.

LCA's mission is to help nurture the spiritual development of students in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit and to help sustain a relationship with Jesus Christ by integrating a biblical worldview in all aspects of high-quality academic curriculum and instruction.

About Our Principal

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Dr. Deborah L. Hollis was a public school educator for over 28 years and has served as Ministry Educational & Outreach Administrator for LoveWorks Church since its inception in 2010.  She also served as Youth Leader and Choir Director for ten years for the Morningside COGIC.  She has served as an elementary and middle school teacher for approximately 10 years teaching English, Reading, Writing, and Social Studies.  She began her educational career as a tutor for one of her mother's (Evangelist Mattie V. Hollis) college courses and followed a path of teaching for which she was destined.  She achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from the University of Pittsburgh.  During her service as Assistant Principal for the public schools in Pittsburgh, Dr. Hollis pursued and achieved her doctoral degree, EdD in School Leadership from Liberty University in 2019 with the hopes of providing students and teachers the necessary resources and best pedagogical practices to increase  academic performance and spiritual growth.  During her public school and doctoral experiences, Dr. Hollis realized the importance of intentional spiritual nurture for children and youth in our schools to help the growth and development of the whole student.  The value of life in our world is diminishing rapidly and has become very detrimental.  With a growing concern for the total wellbeing of children and youth, Dr. Hollis retired in July 2022 from public school administration and decided to focus more on providing students with an opportunity for the growth and development of the whole self, body, soul and spirit within a spiritually nurturing and safe school environment.  Spiritual nurture is purpose-driven, Christ-centered, and grounded in a biblical worldview.  In His youth, Jesus experienced intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social growth and development as he "increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man" (Luke 2:52), KJV).  As a Christian school leader, Dr. Hollis is dedicated to carrying out the mission of intentional spiritual nurture in the lives of children and youth.       

School Info

Tuition: $5,000 per year/student

Enrollment:   Limited 

School Year: 9/4/24 - 6/11/25

School Day:  7:45AM - 3:10PM

Afterschool Program 3:15p-4:30p

Grades:  K - 5 (As Needed K-8)

Instruction Includes:  Bible, Language Arts, Spelling Plus, Writing, Geography/Social Studies, Health/Physical Education/Safety, Math, Science, and Electives: Art, Music, Foreign Language, Service Project, and STEAM Learning 

Electives offered daily

School Break:  12/19/24 - 1/1/25

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LoveWorks Christian Academy education includes the intentional nurturing of spiritual growth and development which serves to achieve the following goals: -ground students firmly in their faith in Jesus Christ through study in the Word of God; -secure a place for the soul to unite with the presence of God and establish an inheritance with Him; -create learning opportunities for students to grow spiritually in a school environment; -help students understand all of life and learning through the lens of God's Word; -help community of believers establish a commitment to serve others as Jesus did; -help students/staff maintain a right relationship with God as we interact with others; -help families develop and live a Christian lifestyle set apart from the world; -transform lives in the image of Jesus Christ; -help students sustain a living Christian faith through spiritual growth and development;

Submit form on the right, to request more information and inquire about enrollment beginning  July/August 2025.
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