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LoveWorks Church is a faith-based, nonprofit organization founded by Evangelist Mattie V. Hollis, who dedicated her life to God in fulfilling a higher call of evangelism in the faith, power and love of Jesus Christ.  Mattie V. Hollis, “Mom Hollis”, was truly an angel on earth.  As a young child, she fervently prayed and helped to nurture people who were sick, hurting or suffering and God would heal them, miraculously.  Mattie Hollis dedicated her life to sharing this power of love, healing and deliverance with not only her children, but God’s people everywhere as she travelled fulfilling the work of an evangelist.  “Mom Hollis”, as many lovingly called her, was the mother of ten children.  After supporting her ten children in achieving their educational and career goals, she went back to school and obtained her GED, followed by achieving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology with high honors from Carlow University at the age of 66.  Awarded as a Carlow “Woman of Spirit”, Mattie was a great role model and spiritual leader for many, including single mothers, families, children and youth.  Mattie’s spiritual leadership and love for God’s people became an outreach of love works in action. Thus, LoveWorks Church was established in support of services deemed to nurture the physical, social, economic, educational and spiritual growth and development of individuals and families as a whole.  LoveWorks Church focuses on the holistic needs of the person- body, soul and spirit.  As Evangelist Mattie V. Hollis was very passionate in fulfilling the work of the Lord Jesus Christ, LoveWorks Church also endeavors to help meet the needs of people in the love and healing power of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit of God.

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Evangelist Mattie V. Hollis, Founder


Through the mind of God, with the mission of Christ, in the hearts of the people.  LoveWorks mission is to reach and guide people to truth and purpose of life in a new and living way.  In Jesus name. 


LoveWorks in deed and indeed love works.  The vision of LoveWorks church is to manifest the love of Jesus Christ in the hearts of the people toward salvation, redemption and faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Our vision will be established in works of love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, and faith which serves as the foundation of our works.

Pastor Phillip J. Hollis,

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