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"But as touching brotherly love ye need not that I write unto you: for ye yourselves are taught of God to love one another.  And indeed ye do it toward all the brethren..."  

(I Thessalonians 4:9-10, KJV)

Abstract Glow

LoveWorks Philosophy In Action

LoveWorks is a nonprofit organization presently comprised of family members and Christians who believe that in order to make a positive, significant difference in a person's life, there must be a foundation built on LOVE.  LoveWorks endeavors to highlight, extend and reinforce the fabric and components that make the family structure, and unite that fabric which creates a cohesive bond, in the family, to strengthen God's people.  It brings people together for the purpose of accomplishing works of love in singleness of heart with one mind...Jesus Christ.  Loveworks is based in that omnipotent thought process and pattern of ideas that created all things to coexist in peace and harmony from the beginning of time.  This church serves to educate, empower, cultivate, and reunite all people and communities with the basic concept of family, one people - the US of God, taking responsibility of each other's well-being.  LoveWorks is an organization and ministry that stresses God is LOVE, and He has instilled in the heart of mankind a portion of Himself.  In the hearts of men, we serve to define and redefine the hope, self-esteem, self-respect, and the respect and love of others.  

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