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We Are the Works of His Hands

We see the works of True Love everywhere  
We should praise God for it. always!  
Love works is mean 
With high standard
And purely clean
It began with Love
Betwixt and Between
Sweet and neat the Love scene
Divinely packaged and complete
Sights unseen, overlooked, taunted
The works of Love undaunted
Dare to dream
Beautiful flowers blossom, scream
A solace there, to be redeemed
We walked away, turned our heads
From the light of day that dawned our tracks
Feet shod with peace we trod
Others standing by the way, we prod
Love works its will and way
To save poor sinners gone astray
Demand we, take note, listen, my dears
And time beckons all day,
My love walk this way
The tattered and torn through the years
Heavy burdens we bear, drying tears
Per chance we meet, great speak
Love works and wields the cushioned seat
Around the table good things to eat
Love works the stuff needed
The wonders of love works heeded.


Statement of Faith

LoveWorks   The righteousness of God in us; His chosen people.     


LoveWorks   The sustaining power in us to hold on, to hold out.  “Never give up.”


LoveWorks   The will of God in us to seek His (face) His way for us eternally.


LoveWorks   The “stand therefore, having your loins gird about with truth”—on holy ground.


LoveWorks    The do good in us.  Turning away from wrong to “shun evil.”


LoveWorks   The patience in us to wait on the Lord/be of good courage…


LoveWorks   The hunger in us to please Him.


LoveWorks   In us the faith to believe despite all the odds that seem to be against…

“No weapon” formed against, shall prosper…


LoveWorks    In us the sincere desire to reach out and touch someone. “Love conquers all.”  He has the first and the last say.


LoveWorks   Shows the awful price Jesus paid by His shameful suffering and death on the cross

to save lost sinners from death, hell, and the grave…


LoveWorks    From everlasting to everlasting—He neither slumbers nor doth He sleep…


LoveWorks    In us the Spirit of the living God to seek His face and to know Him for yourself

(oneself).  The true wisdom/knowledge of His ways.  His going forth is prepared as the morning and He shall come unto us the former/latter rain unto the earth.


LoveWorks    Never fails or falters…it works the rules for life eternally.  He is our life.


LoveWorks    Lasting Ever; the greatest gift of ALL…LOVE


LoveWorks    In us everlasting life.  The works of Love will last forever.

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